Koro definition
Posted on April 16th, 2010 at 8:31 pm by Aussie

koro: A social panic based on the fear that the penis will retract and disappear, causing death.

Some men complain that their flaccid penis retracts inside their bodies. This can be a consequence of obesity: The pubic fat pad may become so thick that the flaccid penis is barely long enough to protrude through it. Weight loss or liposuction may alleviate this problem. Psychological factors may also be at work, however. In fact, epidemics of delusional penile retraction sweep across some Asian countries (especially southern China) from time to time. This condition is known as koro, and its victims attach clamps, string, and other devices to the penis to prevent its complete disappearance, which they are convinced will be accompanied by their own death.

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